Spanish saying of the week: It’s a piece of cake


It’s a piece of cake: Es pan comido


Time to get Fit For The 5K!

So, as much as I love to exercise and feel fit and healthy, I have to admit that over the last few months I haven’t bothered doing much exercise due to various reasons.

However, I’ve decided that I’m going to get fit again!

To motivate me (and to raise money of course), I’ve signed up to a 5K Race For Life in June and a 5K Fun Run in August for charity. Yes I know, 5K is not far, but as I have never really bothered to run outside and have asthma I’ll be pretty pleased if I manage it, especially if the weather is like it is this morning! I’ve decided to mix the running up with gym sessions to help me tone up a bit too (J Lo toned, not Madonna toned!). 

To motivate me further, I’m going to share my running progress on here and blog about it.

I have exactly 5 weeks to get Fit For The 5K. Ready…Steady…GO!Image

WOWS Bit Of Spanish (Número Uno)

Teamed up with and I’m going to share some funny Spanish phrases with them. Check it out!

Waste of Web Space

Here at Waste Of Web Space we like to think that we also offer an educational service. Therefore we have teamed up with Georgina Lax of to bring you useful Spanish phrases for if you’re ever in a situation where you need them. Here is your first extremely important Spanish phrase.

Hay una cucaracha en mi paella = there is a cockroach in my paella


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